Reflexology is an ancient art dating back over 2500 years. This holistic treatment works on the hands and/or feet to balance the whole body. Both massage and pressure point techniques are used and have an effect on the energy pathways of the body. Each part of the foot corresponds to a part or area of the body.

Energy can sometimes be in excess, deficient or stagnated and reflexology is used to create balance and harmony in the systems of the body. Congestion and imbalances can be detected in the hands and feet and the body’s natural balance restored.


The treatment begins with a gentle foot massage which is followed by the application of pressure to the reflex points in the feet. Any imbalances in these reflex areas will be worked on to help release blockages and encourage the body’s own natural healing process. The pressure used is firm but not painful and the treatment should leave you feeling calm and relaxed. The majority of people can benefit from reflexology in some way, even if it is only through the deep relaxation that it provides.

Whilst reflexology is extremely beneficial throughout pregnancy it is important that you inform the therapist if you are, or intend to become, pregnant so that a suitable treatment plan can be agreed beforehand.

Benefits and effects of reflexology

  • balances energy, helping the body return to a state of equilibrium on an emotional, mental and physical level
  • increases circulation
  • boosts the lymphatic system
  • improves immune system and eliminates toxins
  • deeply relaxing, relieving physical and mental fatigue
  • helps the body rejuvenate itself
  • releases endorphins which creates a feeling of well-being
  • pain relief
  • stimulates and soothes the nervous system
  • balancing effect on the endocrine system
  • affects blood pressure, having a normalising effect
  • extremely beneficial throughout pregnancy

Benefits are very often felt after a single treatment but regular treatments will maintain the effects and promote preventative healthcare.


Reflexology 45mins

A consultation will be carried out prior to your first treatment so please allow an extra 15 minutes.