Seated Acupressure (On-Site Massage) Diploma

Seated Acupressure Massage is a therapy that was developed from the ancient Chinese massage treatment called `Anma’, which literally translates to `press and rub’.  The Seated Acupressure routine is focused on working along meridians and acupoints in the upper part of the body: head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and back.

This treatment is carried out whilst the client is fully clothed and seated on an ergonomically designed portable chair which means it offers maximum comfort and can be carried out almost anywhere.  The therapist uses her elbows, fingers and hands to apply pressure to approx 96 pressure points in the head, neck, arms, shoulders and back and no oils or lotions are used.  Pressure used on these areas promotes relaxation and allows energy to flow through the body and is especially beneficial as part of a stress management programme.

By the end of the course you will have the understanding, knowledge and practical experience to confidently carry out a Seated Acupressure Massage.  You will learn a specific `Kata’ (routine) to enable you to carry out a safe and comfortable treatment to suit both you and your client.

Duration:    2 days

Final assessment – upon completion of case studies

Cost:           £240

Entry requirements :  Recent and current A&P and Body Massage qualification (available here)

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