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Mindfulness & Meditation for Beginners

Next 4 wk workshop starts

Tuesday 30th April

7pm to 8:30pm

Cost : £45

Limited spaces

Booking essential

By living in the moment we are able to take the stress out of life, gain clarity and improve our health and wellbeing

Our 4 week mindfulness and meditation workshops are designed for beginners or those who just enjoy practicing mindfulness and meditation in a group.

Our groups are small so that you can enjoy the experience to its full potential – max 6 people.  A wonderfully relaxing way to meet other like-minded people.

During each weekly workshop we will look at:

  • Stress & Anxiety - the impact it has on physical and mental health
  • Importance of the breath
  • Monkey Mind - how to control the endless `chatter'
  • Living on Auto Pilot
  • How being in the moment brings clarity and peace of mind
  • React v Respond
  • Formal and informal meditation
  • Kindness & compassion - to yourself and others

Each workshop will include guided meditations, mindful activities, and visualisations which will improve your overall health and wellbeing by allowing you to live `in the moment’.

I will guide you onto the path – only you can take the first step

Cost : £45 per course of workshops

Diane has been delivering Mindfulness & Meditation Workshops for Beginners since 2009.


Emma C – ` I had a personal accountability plan to improve my self care!!! Well I did do that, with the help of Di and Ann leading us (a group of 6 very different women) on our journey… The Mindfulness and Meditation course was excellent. I knew about mindfulness and had done some previously but it was via sheets of paper and short CBT meetings, hard to practice and sustain. Sharing within a group makes you realise others are in similar positions and it makes the journey easier as you can learn from others and in a safe, relaxed environment. I have gained at lot and will keep practicing as my understanding is far better now’

Julie W – `I have really enjoyed it’

Tracey M – `I LOVE Diane’s voice when she is doing the meditations – so calming and relaxing’.  I now use the techniques I learned in my daily life and I deal so much better with stress at work

Amanda T – `I was unsure at the beginning but glad I came! – Thank you’

Paula C – `More beneficial than one to one sessions as you realise there are others in similar situations’

Claire A – `I have thoroughly enjoyed every session and will miss the group’

Anne M –`Loved learning new things/ideas, and meeting like-minded people.  Made new friends and the venue was lovely’

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