Mindful Mandalas

Introductory session

Tuesday 17th July

7pm to 8:30pm

£7 (payable on the night)

4 Week Workshops

Tuesday 31st July to 21st August

7pm to 8:30pm


£10 deposit required to book your place on workshop

Only 6 places available

Places left



The word `Mandala' literally translates to `circle' and throughout history have been used as spiritual and ritual symbols representing the universe.  Creating mandalas is creative, meditative and deeply relaxing.

During our four week workshops you will create your own mandalas on paper/card; canvas; and stones.   Other materials we will be experimenting with are Sharpies, Pencil Crayons, and acrylic paint.

These workshops are aimed at beginners and you don't need any artistic ability to create your own, unique mandalas.  If you have a decent pair of compasses and a set square to bring along with you that would be a bonus but isn't essential.

The course starts on 31st July but we will be kicking it off with a short introductory workshop on 17th July where you can come along and find out a bit more about what we will be doing.