Aura Soma® Consultation

Aura-Soma® is a stand alone healing system which is designed to work on the mind, body and spirit as a whole.  This non-intrusive, gentle therapy differs from others as it is you, the client that chooses the remedy.  This self selection remedy is initiated when you choose just four bottles from this wide selection of colours.  And from there your journey begins!

Aura Soma®

A journey to discover:

  • Inner beauty and the real you
  • Your individual gifts
  • Your purpose in life
  • What underlies your health issues
  • The challenges facing you­­

These discoveries can dramatically improve your well-being on all levels and help you achieve your potential. 

These beautiful dual coloured bottles are filled with dynamic living energies – those of colour, essential oils, herbal extracts, crystals and gems.  Each individual bottle has its own meaning and energy and through the colours you will discover that Aura-Soma® is a mirror to your soul. 

Aura-Soma® is a vibrant, evolving system that helps open the door to well-being and consciousness. 

Restoring balance 

We each have a life force flowing through us and this life source is regulated by subtle, resonating, energy centres with our bodies, called chakras.  Even scientists are now beginning to discover the miracle that we are beings of light – energy vibrating at different levels – each vibrational level projecting a colour of the rainbow.     

When we feel `off colour’ one or more of these chakras are out of balance.  This can be restored and a healthy rhythm resumed when you apply to the affected chakra the colour, plant and crystal vibrations of the appropriate bottle.     

People of all ages and backgrounds world-wide have been using Aura-Soma® for many years as a tool to restore and maintain health on all levels.

The Consultation Process

These Equilibrium bottles are the heart of Aura-Soma®.  Their vibrant colours will lovingly guide and support you towards self awareness and well being.  You choose the bottles and your Consultant will guide you on a path of self discovery, purpose, and enhanced well being. 

Consultations are a two way process and will take between 60 and 75 minutes.

Although Aura-Soma® is complete in itself it also compliments many other modalities of natural healing, traditional medicine and creative expression.


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